Maître André

Cartons and trays

At Maître André, different products must be put together on a pallet according to the order of a customer. For this purpose, a Spider with a portal length of 12 meters destacks the correct number of cartons of 8 different products according to the order. The cartons are coded with an expiration date, after which they are palletized by a 2nd Spider on the target pallet. The pallets from where the products are destacked not always straight.

That is why the layer of the products to be destacked is “searched”. The coordinates of the cartons to be destacked are adjusted to the position of the layer on the pallet. A special “vacuum gripper” is used. This creates vacuum where the gripper has contact with the cartons and closes the vacuum from the rest of the gripper. Maître André has chosen for a solution with Spider portal robots, because the 8 pallets to be destacked can be placed next to each other in the fridge room.