Boxes and trays

Palletize boxes to size

The cardboard box is the most common product to be palletised. Depending on the type of box or tray, various grippers are used. American boxes are often picked up with a vacuum gripper.

The boxes are palletised by taking up the boxes per one, two or even per row, so that high feed speeds can be achieved. Depending on the stacking pattern, the boxes are deposited individually or per row.

Types of boxes and trays

  • American boxes
  • boxes with loose lid
  • open trays
  • low trays with jars
  • display boxes
  • boxes with U-shaped cardboard lid
  • bag in box boxes
  • boxes with furniture packages


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Palletizing boxes and trays?

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How does it work?

Palletization of boxes

When a vacuum gripper cannot be used, a clamp gripper is used. In the case of lid boxes, it is also ensured that the lid does not come off when the gripper is pulled away. Such boxes can also be palletized per one or per row.

Grippers are also available for palletizing boxes that support the boxes partially or completely at the bottom. This is important if the boxes do not have any firmness by themselves or if the contents of an open tray do not allow for clamping. Automatic gripper settings are applied if one does not want to change gripper when switching to another product. With the various grippers, cardboard intermediate sheets, sheets of paper or foil can also be picked up, which are automatically placed between the layers. These are always “inserted” during the palletizing of boxes. This means that they do not touch the already stacked boxes.

Product Swaps

There are two options for product changes: either an all-in-one gripper is chosen so that a gripper change is unnecessary, or the grippers are changed via the unique quick-change gripper system. This happens in no time. For unstable loads, a semi-automatic or automatic pallet wrapper can be integrated into the Spider. During the palletizing of boxes, the pallet is simultaneously complicated. After having stacked one or two layers, they are automatically complicated, after which the stacking continues. At the end of the cycle, the wrapping cycle is completed and the pallet can be removed.


The Spider portal robot can also be used for destacking boxes for, among other things, the compilation of orders. Unique software is used to “find” the boxes on the pallet. The destacked boxes are usually coded during processing before they are stacked again.


  • Compact palletiser
  • User-friendly palletiser
  • Robust execution
  • Total solution
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Technical information

We build total palletizing installations from the point where your product comes from the production line to the warehouse of finished goods with pallets. Various product supply lanes, lifts, pallet supply and discharge systems and other peripheral equipment are integrated.

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