Bundles wrapped in film

Palletizing film wrapped bundles

Bundles packed in film cannot be palletized with a traditional vacuum gripper and must therefore be picked up with a clamping gripper. During the deposit of the bundles, care must be taken to ensure that when pulling the gripper away it does not pull the bundles upwards. A special gripper is used for this.

Types of bundles wrapped in film

  • without cardboard in shrink film
  • with cardboard tray in shrink film


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Palletizing of bundles wrapped in film?

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How does it work?

Sometimes the bundles need to be partially or fully supported at the bottom during palletizing. Special grippers are available for this.

In order to achieve high speeds, the bundles can be picked per row. There is the possibility to drop them one by one or per row on the pallet. The gripper can be equipped with an additional device to pickup intermediate sheets from a hopper in order to deposit them between the layers or on the empty pallet.

Important characteristics

  • Compact palletiser
  • User-friendly
  • Robust construction
  • Total solution
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We build total palletizing plants starting from the point where your product comes from the production line up to the warehouse of finished goods with pallets. Various conveyors for products to be palletized and empty and full pallets and other peripheral equipment are integrated.

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