Palletizing bags

Stabiliteit kan een probleem zijn bij het zakken palletiseren. Wanneer men de zakken los op de pallet stapelt kunnen die van de vorige laag afglijden. Om dit te vermijden moet de laag bovenaan aangedrukt worden vooraleer de volgende laag er op gestapeld wordt. Tevens worden de lagen bij het zakken palletiseren langs de vier zijden gecomprimeerd vooraleer ze gestapeld worden. Een andere mogelijk is om de zakken op elkaar te stapelen binnen een op- en neergaand comprimeerkader.

Types of bags

  • paper bags
  • plastic bags
  • polypropylene bags
  • open mouth bags
  • valve bags


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Palletizing bags?

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How does it work?

We have three ways to palletize bags: we stack them directly on the pallet, we stack them in a up and down going layer centering ring or we stack them on shelves which go open after each layer. The last option is used when the load is unstable or when the bags will slide off from the previous layer when they should be stacked loosely on the pallet. To avoid this, the layer must be pressed at the top before the next layer is stacked on top of it. The layers are also compressed from the four sides when they have been dropped by the gripper on the shelves.

There are various grippers available. We have a special vacuum gripper with which bags with loose products inside can be picked up.

If a vacuum gripper cannot be used we can use a gripper where the bag is held at the bottom. When palletizing the bag can also be pressed at the top so that an flat top surface of the bag is obtained. It ensures that the next bags can neatly be deposited on the previous layer of bags.

The Spider can also be used for unstacking bags. The position of the bag on the pallet can be “searched” whereby the coordinates for picking are adjusted to the position of the bags on the pallet.

Important characteristics

  • Compact palletiser
  • User-friendly
  • Robust construction
  • Total solution
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We build total palletizing plants starting from the point where your product comes from the production line up to the warehouse of finished goods with pallets. Various conveyors for products to be palletized and empty and full pallets and other peripheral equipment are integrated.

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