Buckets, jerry cans and barrels

Palletizing buckets

With palletizing buckets, the levers have often to be oriented in a certain way, otherwise they touch each other once palletized. It also occurs that the orientation of the levers should be different at the outer row. To achieve this during bucket palletizing, an automatic bucket orientator is foreseen on the infeed conveyor just before the pickup position.

The orientation of the lever can be chosen for each type of bucket. The setting is a parameter of the stacking pattern, and therefore does not have to be reset every time palletizing different buckets.

Types of buckets, jerrycans and barrels

  • buckets with levers
  • round buckets
  • square buckets
  • buckets with loose lid
  • paint buckets
  • jerry cans
  • Barrels


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Palletizing buckets, jerrycans and barrels?

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How does it work?

We have different grippers to palletize buckets, jerrycans and barrels. Each one is used depending on the type. If the lid is not fixed enough to the bucket, a clamping gripper instead of a vacuum gripper is used. High speeds can be achieved by picking full rows of buckets. Since palletizing buckets is always done in a column, the use of intermediate sheets is often necessary. A sheet of film is the ideal solution because it takes the form of the underlying bucket lids in which the next buckets are stacked. An alternative for a sheet of film is a cardboard sheet. Thick cardboard sheets are picked from a hopper and placed on the pallet and between the layers.
Palletizing jerrycans requires a different approach. Often they have recesses at the bottom that have to fit in the previous already stacked jerry can. When palletizing jerry cans, it is very important that the gripper firmly clamps the jerrycans while picking them up. In this way they are aligned in the gripper and cannot move back and forwards during the movement from the pickup conveyor to the pallet.

Palletizing jerrycans is often done in a column. As a result it can happen that after palletizing a few layers of jerrycans the outer ones bend to the outside. This makes the palletizing process more difficult. To avoid this, an up and down going layer-centerer is built into the Spider. Or an automatic horizontal strapping machine is integrated which holds the layers together with a strapping band.

Important characteristics

  • Compact palletiser
  • User-friendly
  • Robust construction
  • Total solution
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We build total palletizing plants starting from the point where your product comes from the production line up to the warehouse of finished goods with pallets. Various conveyors for products to be palletized and empty and full pallets and other peripheral equipment are integrated.

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