The open guides with which the Spider is build ensure that no dust accumulation is possible. This was very important in the project at Imerys.

The bags with carbon are perforated and so they are releasing fine dust particles. The Spider palletizer at Imerys is part of a total solution. The bags are taken over from the filling machine after which a weight check is installed. Depending on the result of the check of the weight the bags are palletized on pallet place 1 or 2. Before being palletized, the bags are compacted and inverted 180° every two layers so that the filling nozzles are facing the inside of the pallet.

All periphery is controlled by the main control of the Spider and visualized on a large display. Due to the fact that the Spider is a portal robot with a vertical Z-axis, the bags can be palletized in a U-shaped frame keeping the bags together.