A very important argument for Belgomilk to choose for the Spider palletizer was the fact that a total installation including all necessary peripherals could be provided.

The bags of milk powder are taken over after the filling line and transported to the Spider via an elevator and a long conveyor line mounted on height. The empty pallets are automatically destacked and foreseen with a sheet of film or a cardboard sheet after which they are transported to the Spider palletizer. The layer with bags is preformed by the gripper on double shelve plates. When the layer is finished, it is compacted from the four sides before the shelves are opened to put the layer on the previous one.

When the shelves plates are closed again, the palletized layer is then pressed against the bottom of the shelve plates so that the top of the layer is leveled. If this did not happen it would not be possible to stack so high which was a necessity at Milcobel.