Pauwels Sauzen

Cartons and trays

For Pauwels Sauces service after sales is very important. That’s why Pauwels Sauces has chosen to use Spider palletisers. They are produced in Belgium and the service is guaranteed with own Belgian technicians. There are four Spiders installed.

The Spiders are palletizing cartons, open trays and buckets. Sheets of cardboard or film are automatically laid between the layers. Due to the fact that Spiders are very compact, the palletizing cells could be placed next to each other so that a central supply of empty pallets was possible. Via three empty pallet destackers, the correct empty pallets are transported to the various Spiders via a transfer trolley. This transfer trolley is equipped with laser safety scanners so that passage over the walkway of the trolley is possible.

The pallet change is automatic and there are buffer positions for full pallets after every Spider. Space could also be saved by using a central magazine for intermediate sheets from which two Spiders pick up sheets to lay between the layers.