Manual handling of cartons? No thank you!

Cartons and trays

Many companies have to deal with the manual handling of all kinds of cartons. This certainly applies to shipping and storage companies. Cartons from containers have to be stacked on pallets, cartons have to be taken from pallets to prepare orders and often cartons have to be stacked from one pallet to another.

Thanks to our Spider portal robot, this process can be automated

Stacking cartons from containers

A minimal difference on a label on a carton is recognized by a powerful vision system, which allows the different cartons to be sorted out and stacked on individual pallets.

Stacking cartons from one pallet to another

By using a special vision system, equipped with an infrared and an image camera, the positions of the cartons are automatically transmitted to the controller of the Spider. The robot then takes the cartons one by one or row per row from the pallet. Finally they are palletized back on a pallet according to the desired stacking pattern.

Imagine there are sheets between the layers of cartons which need to be destacked. These are automatically detected and taken from between the layers. On the stacking pallet, sheets can be placed between the layers. Empty pallets can also be fed and removed automatically.

Compiling orders

The cartons of one or more pallets are automatically destacked and stacked on individual pallets according to the desired quantities. Here too, the position of the cartons on the pallets to be destacked is automatically transmitted to the Spider by the vision system.