Culinor has decided to use our Spider robot mainly because of its user-friendly large display.

The compact layout and the fact that the orientation of the crate conveyors could be adapted to the free space in the building was also decisive. At Culinor the Spider stacks all kinds of crates, display cartons and closed cartons. The challenge was that the crates are sometimes completely filled.

For this reason a special gripper was used. The gripper ensures that the crates are palletized against each other without a gap. During a gripper change, the Spider places the gripper on a platform in the Spider, after which the gripper quick-change clamps can be opened and the gripper can be disconnected. The Spider then positions itself exactly above the new gripper, after which the quick-change clamps can be closed and the new gripper is attached.

The empty pallets are destacked from an empty pallet destacker and fed into the Spider, after which they are aligned at the palletizing position. An accumulation conveyor for three full pallets was foreseen.