Avery Dennison

Diverse items

At Avery Dennison, rolls of film that are fed vertically must be stacked horizontally on a pallet. To obtain this the Spider palletizer is equipped with a fifth servo ax. In that way the gripper can tilt 90°. Since the rolls of film do not all have the same diameter, the pickup point must always be adjusted. After pick up the roll it is tilted 90° on the way to the pallet so that it can be palletized horizontally.

A thick cardboard sheet had to be placed on the empty pallet and between the layers. These sheets are unstacked from a pallet. In order to be able to place it perfectly aligned on the empty pallet and between the layers, the sheets must first be aligned. A major asset for Avery Dennison was that the Spider could be designed completely to measure and within the planned budget. The fact that an AGV system for the removal of the full pallets could be integrated was also a decisive argument.