Automatic palletizing when there is limited space, it’s possible!

Cartons and trays

The Spider is one of the most compact palletisers on the market and can therefore be used when there is very limited space. This turned out to be a decisive argument for one of the largest industrial bakeries in Belgium to automatically palletize their prodcution lines with Spiders. The palletisers had to be set up centrally. The cartons are transported to the Spiders via a central high conveyor, which guarantees a free passage underneath. After they are sorted out by type. Because each line can be connected to any Spider and not all lines run at the same time, savings could be made in the number of palletisers.

Easy access

By using a portal transfer trolley for the removal of the full pallets, all Spiders are easily accessible for refilling the hoppers of carton sheets which are deposited automatically by the Spiders between the layers of cartons.

Total project

In addition to the central carton conveyor, the Spider palletisers, the empty pallet destackers, an automatic pallet wrapper and pallet labeler are also part of the total project. Full pallets are transported to a pallet accumulation conveyor set up in a freezer of -25°C.