Vache Blueu


Vache Bleue is manufacturer of grated cheese and packs its products in a cardboard box or a plastic crate. Vache Bleue was extremely charmed by the unique Spider quick-change system for grippers, which allows to switch from cardboard boxes to crates and vice versa in no time. The compactness of the Spider was also appreciated. No other palletiser had such small dimensions. This allowed Vacje Bleue to position three Spider palletisers next to each other with the possibility of passage between the palletizing cells.

Vache Bleue opted for three separate Spiders with the pallets on the ground. When the pallet is almost fully stacked, the operator receives a notification that a pallet change will soon be needed. Weighing units were integrated into the crate conveyor to the Spiders. It measures whether the weight of the box or crate corresponds to the weight which has been set on the display of the Spider. The weight and tolerance is part of the stacking pattern and is thus automatically set when selecting a stacking pattern. As a result, the values do not have to be adjusted every time the product is changed.