Stack and wrap your pallets simultaneously

Cartons and trays

Unstable cartons, trays, bundles,… can they be palletized automatically? It’s possible! Thanks to the simultaneous palletizing and wrapping of the palletized layers. After stacking one or more layers, they are held together by wrapping them by an integrated stretch wrapping machine.

There is even an extra advantage because you can obtain a very compact setup because the wrapping machine is integrated into the palletizing cell.

Various setups are possible: from a semi-automatic solution in which the operator manually takes the full pallet from the wrapper and replaces it with empty pallet, to a version in which the pallet change takes place automatically.

The capacity is significantly increased because the wrapping of the previously stacked layers is done while the next layers are palletized. All this via the integration of a ring stretch wrapper and an up and down movement of the pallet.

Before the final wrapping of the pallet, a sheet of top film can be placed automatically at the top of the load.