PVG Energy

Buckets, jerrycans and barrels

The jerry cans at PVG Energy are stacked in a column. As a result the load is very unstable. Because of this, an automatic horizontal strapping machine has been integrated in the Spider. After palletizing a layer of jerry cans it is strapped. In that way the layer is held together.

The jerrycans are picked per row so that high speeds can be obtained. Via the unique quick-change system for grippers, you can switch to another type of jerrycan in no time. Intermediate sheets are also automatically picked up from a hopper and, if necessary, automatically placed between the layers.

Due to the fact that the strapping process was integrated in the Spider, a very compact footprint could be obtained. The central operation panel of the Spider palletizer was a decisive argument for PVG Energy. The short installation period with minimal production downtime was also of decisive importance.