Complete layers of products

The Spider can also destack or stack complete layers of products.

Because of the heavy loads, a reinforced bridge had to be foreseen. At Noliko, entire layers of jars are picked and palletized with a magnetic gripper. A separate manipulator picks up cardboard sheets from a double hopper and lays them on the palletized layers while the Spider is picking up the next layer from the layer preparation conveyor.

Three Spiders are installed one beside the other. One central empty pallet destacker destacks empty pallets which are fed to the Spiders via a pallet conveyor system. The hoppers for carboard intermediate sheets can be refilled during the production process due to the double hoppers.

The big advantage of the Spider palletizing robot is that the load hangs neatly under the main structure, which is important for the stability of the whole system with large weights. In the case of Noliko, the gripper together with the layer of products weigh more than 650 kg. The layers of jars are palletized by the Spider at high speeds.