Helvoet Rubber & Plastic


At Helvoet, the crates must be stacked with great accuracy.

A centering ring was integrated in the portal frame of the Spider. This ring perfectly aligns the layer on which the next layer of crates must be stacked.

The Spider destacks empty crates and transports them to the production line. A centering ring was also used to hold the layers together during depalletization. Once the crates are filled, they are palletized by the Spider, after which a foam sheet is automatically picked from a hopper and dropped on top of the contents of the crate. Once the pallet is fully stacked, a cover is picked from a second hopper and placed on the top layer of the crates. There is an accumulating conveyor for pallets with empty crates and an accumulation conveyor for pallets with full crates.

Helvoet chose the Spider because of its compact set-up, the know-how in processing crates and the custom-built budget-friendly solution.