Gaston Bauwens

Cartons and trays

Gaston Bauwens is  a manufacturer of furniture which is packed in big flat cardboard cartons. The challenge when such cartons must be palletized automatically is the gripper which must be able to handle very different sizes. As a result, it was decided to use a gripper with servo-controlled settings. The gripper automatically adjusts itself according to the chosen product and stacking pattern. Cartons with a length of 0,6 to 2,8 meters and with a width of 0,4 to 1,2 can be processed.

The cartons are transported from the packaging machine to the Spider, after which the gripper picks up the packages and palletizes them according to the chosen stacking pattern. The pallet change is automatic. A pallet track runs through the Spider where an empty pallet is placed on one side, and the full pallet is taken off on the other side. Bauwens chose the Spider partly because it could handle the high weights of the packages to be palletized as standard. The fact that a total installation could be offered and all parts were produced in Belgium were also important advantages.