Crates with leeks


As a manufacturer of gantry robots, we supply machinery in different markets. When we were asked to use our Spider gantry robot in a total project for destacking and stacking foldable crates with leeks, it was a nice challenge for us.

Destacking, tilting, stacking

The crates of leeks are destacked from four pallets and they are automatically emptied through a vibrating turning station. Because the leeks always have to be transported with the green side in the same direction, a vision system was used to detect the green side and the crate is first rotated 180° horizontally if necessary. The empty crates are automatically closed before being stacked again.

The big advantage of the setup with our portal robot is that all pallets can be positioned next to each other so that the total installation takes up very little space.

Stacking crates with packed leeks

A second Spider portal robot palletize the crates with packed leeks from two packaging. Thanks to the double pallet positions per line, the operator does not have to change the full pallet immediately when a pallet is full. The Spider automatically switches to the second empty pallet when the first one is full.

Stacking a fixed number of crates? That is also possible. The Spider gives a signal to the operator as soon as the desired number of crates are palletized. Another option is to return an incomplete pallet for further stacking.

Not just destacking and stacking, but a total project

Various actions such as destacking and stacking, orienting, emptying and closing are now automatic. Only the supply and retrieval of pallets with full and empty crates must be done manually.