Corelio Printing

Bundles of newspapers and leaflets

Strapped and unstrapped bundles of printed leaflets are very difficult to palletize. The gripper must hold the bundles completely together and deposit the bundles with a minimum height on the previous layer. Bundles of leaflets are also impressionable. This means that, as the pallet is stacked, the previous layers are pressed more and more down. As a result, the deposit height must always be adjusted. Each time a bundle has to be palletized, the deposit height is adjusted so that the bundle is positioned as close as possible on the previous layer.

The gripper is a piece of refined technology. Via servo motors, the gripper is adjusted according to the size of the bundles. Paper and cardboard intermediate sheets can also be picked by the gripper from a hopper and placed between the layers. A long pallet buffer conveyor with an integrated pallet wrapper ensures the wrapping of the pallets and the connection to the warehouse.