Automation of the packing and stacking process

Diverse items

The bags coffee are automatically packed in cardboard boxes at the end of the production line with our Pecker robot. The Pecker is a ‘Pick and Place’ robot that can work very quickly due to its interpolated axis control. It is a compact and user-friendly machine that can easily be used for packing various goods in boxes, displays and trays.

The bags of coffee to be packed are preformed per carton content, after which they are picked up by the Pecker. The top flaps of the empty boxes are held open by means of a funnel during the introduction of the bags into the carton.

After checking the weight, the boxes are automatically closed and labelled. Afterwards they are transported to our Spider palletizing robot. The boxes are stacked and wrapped simultaneously. Thanks to this concept, very unstable loads can be stacked automatically and a very compact set-up is obtained.

An empty pallet destacker feeds the empty pallets one by one to the stacking position and the full pallets are automatically evacuated.