Destack entire layers of jars, cans or pots with the Spider portal robot

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Empty jars, cans or pots often have to be destacked automatically from pallets. By using a special vacuum plate gripper, entire layers can be picked from the pallet by our Spider portal robot. Via an inliner, the flow of jars, cans or pots is then transferred to one line to the filling machine.

Often cardboard or plastic sheets are placed between the layers. The big advantage of our vacuum plate gripper is that, in addition to the layers of jars, pots or cans, it can also pick up sheets from between the layers and place them on top of each other in a hopper.

Many companies already choose to use a second Spider to automatically stack the filled jars, pots or cans on a pallet. Magnetic grippers, clamping grippers or vacuum grippers are used for this purpose.