Pauwels Sauzen

Buckets, jerrycans and barrels

In order to be able to process high speeds, the buckets at Pauwels Sauces are  picked up and palletized per row. The difficulty here is that the levers of the buckets must be oriented in a specific direction, otherwise they will touch each other and the buckets cannot be positioned close to each other when palletizing.

For this reason each bucket on the infeed conveyor is oriented so that the lever is in the right direction. Between the layers of buckets, a sheet of foil is automatically laid. Before pickup it is cut off from a roll. The empty pallets are automatically destacked and fed into the Spider.

The full pallets are automatically transported of on an accumulation conveyor. Pauwels Sauces opted for a solution with the Spider palletizing robot due to the integrated bucket orientator that automatically adjusts itself when choosing a stacking pattern and due to our know-how with grippers which pick up the buckets.