Automation of the end of production lines

Diverse items

Cheese processing companies often pack their products in bags (e.g. ground cheese) and in flexible packages. Because these are often produced at high speeds, there is a need to pack them automatically. The Fast Pecker is ideal for this. He picks up product by product and places it in the box, crate or tray according to the desired stacking pattern. The Fast Pecker is an ultra-fast robot due to its specific construction and its servo control.

Thanks to the unique, light independent product recognition system, products are picked from the infeed conveyor “in the flight”. As a result, the products must never be stopped or aligned before being picked. With this unique product recognition system you will not experience the problems that will occur with a traditional system with cameras. After all, during scanning, cameras can sometimes suffer from reflections, color or light exposure. Our detection system works product- and light-independent. So get rid of the disadvantages thanks to this unique system.

We not only take care of automatic packing, but are also happy to help with the peripherals. We can offer you a total package including automatic case erectors, case tapers, crate destackers, weighing units and coding and labeling equipment.

For example, an automatic palletizer is often added after these lines. We take care of this with our well-known Spider portal robot. This robot is very compact and can even stack multiple production lines simultaneously on individual pallets. With this approach, production lines were already fully automated at various cheese manufacturers or cheese processing companies.

The installations are set up in their entirety in advance and tested with products from the customer. This approach ensures a short installation time and extremely smooth start-up.